Being a Mother of three boys is both challenging and rewarding to say the least. The dynamics of three personalities is a juggling act that nothing can prepare you for and I take my hat of to any parent especially with the extra pressure of a busy working life.

Being a single parent was certainly not a life goal of mine. Marriages end and life goes on. I endeavour to be a good parent and a good example to my boys. I tell them the truth and explain things practically. Sometimes my opinions can be repeated by my 9 year old and I shudder and remember that saying “children are like sponges”. His Father calls him the Alex Pike “Tape Recorder” as he likes to make opinionated statements that sound particularly adult like “how bad was that sushi?”. He also likes to lock up the house at night and says things like ” Mum I will turn off the lights downstairs, I don’t want you to get a big bill”. Adorable.

Waking up this morning between a two and a half year old and an 8 year old with flatulence is the reality of being a Mum. I rarely walk out to the clothes line and night and have a large scotch and deep breathe (advice from my friend when my boys were babies) however I am more mindful to appreciate small moments together and worry less about a clean floor or perfect house to spend more quality time with these special 3 guys. They say the funniest things and my heart literally melts when they say “I love you Mum”.