The Face by Alex Pike line-up of treatments includes popular clinical and injectable options, designed to get real results. As always, we seek to define your natural beauty, with support from the latest technological and scientific advances.

Clients of all ages trust us to deliver a beautiful result all in the safety and comfort of Face by Alex’s stylish modern clinic.

Dermal Fillers

A popular non-surgical treatment that’s suitable for a range of concerns, dermal fillers can effectively restore youthfulness to the face.

Over time it’s natural for the ageing process to cause a loss of volume, plumpness and vitality in the face. For a subtle lift that can effortlessly enhance the structure and volume of the face, dermal fillers are often the first choice of cosmetic treatment.

Dermal fillers, when expertly administered by a trained nurse or doctor, are often the perfect way to combat that tired appearance that so many of us hope to avoid.

With very little downtime and a versatile choice of injectables now available, there’s never been a better time to add dermal fillers into your beauty regime.

Arrange a consultation with a member of our team and we’ll assess your goals, customising the perfect treatment plan to suit your needs.

Double Chin Treatment

Double chin injectables to slim and refine the face are a popular treatment with leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons. A quick and non-invasive treatment that typically works very effectively to eliminate the double chin –otherwise known as the layer of submental fat.

Non-surgical with very little downtime, these injections work by breaking down the fat cells below the chin, which will be eliminated naturally by the body over the course of a few weeks.

Many of our clients use this as a pre-event beauty preparation. It helps both women and men achieve an attractively defined jawline that can have a remarkable overall effect to our facial proportions and beauty.

Facial Slimming

Non-surgical facial slimming is an incredible way to subtly tweak the angles and dimensions of your face. Through small amounts but expertly administered injectables, facial slimming can often achieve the coveted feminine slim oval shape, with a defined cheek and tapered jawline.

By relaxing and slimming targeted areas of the face, our facial slimming treatment plan can add the perfect contours to achieve your most beautiful silhouette.

The methods of facial slimming we use are determined by the individual needs of each client and can be staggered over a number of appointments to achieve a gradual and easy enhancement.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Smooth out the effects of expression lines and wrinkles with our anti-wrinkle injection treatments. Administered by our expert team of cosmetic Registered Nurses and cosmetic doctors, you’re in expert hands with the team at Face by Alex Pike.

Safe, quick and usually painless, anti-wrinkle injections can have an incredibly hydrating overall effect – making you look fresher while minimising the effects of time and ageing.

We recommend visiting or calling the clinic for a free consultation to discuss the recommended treatment plan if you’re new to anti-wrinkle injectables.


No results or beauty regime is complete without the perfect skincare plan. At Face by Alex Pike we offer products from cosmeceutical skincare brands including Aspect DR Skincare – with advanced skin technology ranging from acne to ageing.

Through a thorough consultation, or in tandem with non-surgical treatments, our team can offer guidance on the best products to achieve the ultimate in skin health and appearance.


Hyperhidosis – otherwise known as excessive sweating ­– can be disruptive, difficult and embarrassing. Luckily there are treatments available to calm down your perspiration. Our clients have achieved excellent relief from excessive sweating in the underarms, face and more.

Through professionally administered treatments ­patients can stop sweating the small stuff and get back to their lives feeling dry and confident.

Gummy Smile

Your smile is your trademark – key to how you connect and show your beauty to the world. For patients with a typical “gummy smile” where the upper lip reveals a large portion of gum beneath it, self-consciousness and “no-tooth” smiles are normal.

At Face by Alex Pike we’re passionate about giving you a smile you can be confident sharing. Our gummy smile treatments will subtly relax the top lift, offering extra coverage for your gums and a more beautiful, natural smile silhouette.

Cheek Filler

A beautiful cheek contour is a hallmark of classic feminine beauty. Actresses, models and aestheticians have known this to be always true. Lucky for us, cheek dermal fillers are a modern way to bring beautiful cheeks to every woman.

In consultation with our team, we’ll assess your facial structure and create a treatment plan to add subtle volume and contouring into your face. The effect? A youthful, feminine lift that’s subtle but stunning.

Jawline Sculpting

If you envy after people with a defined jaw and sculpted chin, our cosmetic jawline sculpting treatments may be perfect for you. We’ve seen beautiful transformations happen through subtle sculpting. Weak chins and disproportionate jawlines are elegantly defined and balanced for a more beautiful profile.

Speak to our team about how you can achieve your most beautiful jawline with our cosmetic sculpting treatments.

Our mission: Your natural beauty, enhanced by science.