Smooth out the effects of expression lines and wrinkles with our facial line treatments. Administered by our expert team of cosmetic Registered Nurses and cosmetic doctors, you’re in expert hands with the team at Face by Alex Pike.
Safe, quick and usually painless, facial line treatment can have an incredibly hydrating overall effect – making you look fresher while minimising the effects of time and ageing.
We recommend visiting or calling the clinic for a free consultation to discuss the recommended treatment plan if you’re new to any kind of facial treatments

Crows Feet (Obicularis Oculi)  – The lines that radiate from the corner of our eyes we we squint, smile or laugh

Forehead/Frown Lines (Frontalis) – Expression lines that appear horizontally across the top of the T-zone

Bunny Lines (Nasalis) – Lines that etch the bridge of the nose horizontally between the eyes

Worry Lines (Glabella complex) – Usually create an ‘eleven’ pattern between the eyebrows

What is facial line treatment?
A natural purified protein, is injected into targeted facial muscles, that relaxes these wrinkle causing muscles creating a refreshed look. Facial line injections active ingredient is derived from a bacteria in a state of the art sterile laboratory in Westport Ireland in much the same way that Penicillin is manufactured.
Facial line injections have been used in medicine all over the world in medicine for the past 60 years. If the face cannot make the line from over use of expression, the lines do not form, offering preventative effects.
How Long Before I Can See Results?
Generally people start to see results within 4-5 days from their treatment and 10-14 days for full effects to be visible.
How long will the results last?
The effects of facial line injections usually last up to 4 months and gradually decrease over time. If you have regular treatments the effects can last longer.
Facial line injections are intended to enhance and refresh your looks. Treatment will only relax muscles beneath the facial lines at the point of injection, so that other elements of facial expression remain active. If you choose not to have any further treatments your muscles will eventually return to normal activity and your facial lines will gradually revert back to their pre-treatment levels.