Your smile is your trademark – key to how you connect and show your beauty to the world. For patients with a typical “gummy smile” where the upper lip reveals a large portion of gum beneath it, self-consciousness and “no-tooth” smiles are normal.
At Face by Alex Pike  we’re passionate about giving you a smile you can be confident sharing. Our gummy smile treatments will subtly relax the top lip, offering extra coverage for your gums and a more beautiful, natural smile silhouette.
How Long Does Treatment Take To Work?
Gummy smiles due to lip dynamics have been successfully treated with the use of Botox, which reduces the upward movement of the .
Changing lip position and movement with a Botulinum toxin is considered a suitable choice for people who have an overactive upper lip, as it relaxes the muscle by temporarily blocking nerve impulses. This reduces muscle activity that lifts the upper lip up when smiling.
Is there any downtime and how long does it last?
This is a relatively simple procedure, taking around 10 minutes, is low pain and has downtime.
On average, people can expect results to last from 3-6 months.