Masseter injections can provide relief from the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of involuntary jaw clenching which may result in jaw pain, headaches and tooth damage. It can reduce or eliminate these symptoms by relaxing the overactive masseter muscles.
A thorough consultation with our Practitioners is required to assess suitability and discuss any aspects of this treatment.
What is involved in this procedure?
The practitioner will clean the skin over your masseter muscles and may apply a numbing gel to reduce discomfort. A fine needle will be used to precisely place Botulinum toxin directly into your masseter muscles. This will work to relax your masseters and also creating a slimming effect in this area.
When can I expect results and how long does treatment last?
The muscle relaxing effect will start to take place after 3-5 days, with the final effect seen 14 days later. It will take up to 6 weeks for the muscle to fully slim down, with results then lasting an average of 6 months. Treatment will be required again after this period of time for ongoing results.